Small businesses and start-ups are a critical component of a strong local economy.  Small businesses provide nearly 37 percent of jobs and offer a great deal of economic mobility and opportunity for residents.   Understand the power of local businesses and the critical role local leaders play in boosting local businesses.

This training will be a follow-on course to the March Fostering Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship session, with a goal of helping elected officials understand the power of their local businesses – from start-ups through growth companies – and the critical role they play in their success.

Credits: 2
Specialization Area: Community & Economic Development
Level: 201
Audience: All
Cost: $150 by September 30

Learn how local government leaders can reduce racial bias through smart policy decisions and strong civic engagement. This seminar will examine how racial tensions have affected cities across the nation. Learn how to shift from a reactive approach to a proactive agenda. Take home the ability to identify specific opportunities to lead local efforts that advance racial equity.

Credits: 2
Specialization Area: Leadership
: 101
Audience: All
Cost: Free standard | $160 on-site

*Breakfast provided